Dive Deeper: Blue Carbon - 1 Month Subscription

This program helps you learn and retain the concepts presented by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think. This minicourse teaches the main concepts in the video and goes beyond to help you learn additional scientific or conservation concepts. Although this is a free course, it is time limited. Subscriptions begin on date of registration. Registration is needed so that you have a unique license and can keep track of your own learning progress.

This is the first product in the Dive Deeper series of mini-courses. These FREE supplemental courses are designed to support and enhance learning of the climate concepts provided by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think. This mini-course provides a deeper understanding of climate impacts to the oceans, blue carbon,  the science behind carbon dioxide fluxes between the atmosphere and the ocean, and conservation solutions. The course is comprised of two modules: each covering half of the video. The Initial Learning module helps you learn the material at a comfortable pace and the Achieving Mastery module lets you practice until you respond accurately and without hesitation, thus greatly increasing the likelihood that you can convey an understanding of this material when discussing it with others.

To start the course, you can login immediately after purchase or when you are ready at https://fluency.behaviordevelopmentsolutions.com/Login.aspx . You login with the username and password you created on our store web site when you registered.