Dive Deeper: Blue Carbon Standard - 1 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION

How do coastal ecosystems help us solve climate change and what is blue carbon? What other environmental services do coastal ecosystems provide? What is the relationship between the atmosphere and the ocean with respect to carbon sinks and sources? This FREE program helps you learn the concepts presented by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think (JHAT) in the JHAT Blue Carbon video #93 and beyond.

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These FREE 30-minute supplemental courses are designed to support and enhance learning of the climate concepts provided by Dave Borlace of Just Have a Think. This mini-course provides a deeper understanding of climate impacts to the oceans, blue carbon, the science behind carbon dioxide fluxes between the atmosphere and the ocean, and conservation solutions. Try the Initial Learning Module if you want to learn the material at a comfortable pace; continue to the Achieving Mastery module if you want to retain the material over time! The Achieving Mastery module enables you to practice until you can respond accurately and without hesitation, thus greatly increasing the likelihood that you can convey solid understanding of this material when discussing it with others.

For Individual Learners: Build upon what you've just learned from the Just Have a Think video with this entertaining course and retain the climate information to pass on to others! 

For Educators: These courses are appropriate for high school  students. They are designed to be taken after the class watches the Just Have a Think: Blue Carbon video; together, the video and questions comprise 45-50 minutes. The courses use elements from the U.S. Next Generation Science Standards of Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs), and Science and Engineering Practices (SEDs). Both courses align with current Next Generation Science Standards LS2 (Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics); ESS2 (Earth's Systems); and ESS3 (Earth and Human Activity).

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