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CBA Learning Module Series TL5 (v9)

TL4 may be purchased for exams administered through 2021
TL5 should be purchased for exams administered in 2022
This is the program your professors and colleagues told you about--the one that approximately half of the people preparing for the BCBA/BCaBA exam use and for which there is a money-back guarantee. Based on the BACB's 5th Edition Task List, TL5 (v9) features over 4,000 learning module questions distributed across 200 learning module sets, 9 highly comprehensive Unit-Test assessments, and a Mock Exam. Subscriptions begin on date of purchase.
***This version is designed for students enrolled in Verified Course Sequences aligned with the 5th Edition Task List or for learners taking the exam in 2022 and beyond. BDS Customer Support ( must enable your account to allow the purchase/usage of this product.***

For exam preparation through 2021, please refer to the CBA Learning Module Series TL4 (v8)